Policy Statement regarding Conflict Metals


As a manufacturer of metal products, Nelgo Industries, Inc. may use certain metals in the products we produce.  Some of these metals, such as Tin(Sn), Gold(Au), Tungsten(W), Cobalt(Co) and Tantalum(Ta), are mined in a variety of regions including the eastern region of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) which has been determined to be a Conflict Region; and the mines, Conflict Mines.  Thus the metals mined from the DRC are deemed Conflict Metals and their use is to be avoided.


The supply chain for these metals is complex and Nelgo Industries, Inc. is undertaking reasonable due diligence in our supply chain to ensure these metals are not sourced from this Conflict Region/Conflict Mines.


Nelgo Industries, Inc. and our suppliers do not knowingly use any metals originating from Conflict Mines.  We will regularly question our supply chain to ensure these Conflict Metals are not used.